SANTA MONICA, CA – Stimmung (, a music and sound company known for its work on advertising projects,  and Formosa Group (, the post production sound specialists, have entered into an alliance that will provide clients with full-service offerings geared toward the advertising market. Through the new relationship, clients will gain immediate access to Stimmüng’s and Formosa Group’s extensive team of talent.
Photo: Formosa Group’s Santa Monica location
Formosa Group has exclusive relationships with Academy Award-winners such as Mark Mangini (Blade Runner, Mad Max: Fury Road) and Per Hallberg (Spectre, Skyfall, Rampage), along with talent such as John Bolen (Coca Cola, Nissan), Nick Bozzone (IBOTTA), and Shannon Potter (God of War). Stimmung and Formosa’s newly assembled talent offering is aligned by a collective passion to deliver exceptional results to commercial story-tellers.
“This venture unites two industry brand leaders and provides a compelling exclusive offering for clients,” says Kristina Iwankiw of Stimmüng and Bob Rosenthal of Formosa Group. “We are excited to offer highly gifted award winning talent to imaginative content creators who expect and deserve artistic audio excellence. We are thrilled that Stimmüng and Formosa Group have joined forces and look forward to great success together.”
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