Manager, Assets & Integration

Home Town: Houston, TX
First Concert: 311

Duncan Brown was born in Houston, Texas and grew up immersed in all things music. He attended the High School for Performing and Visual Arts for the saxophone, but soon realized that his interests lay elsewhere, and began learning more about sound. That led him to California, where he graduated from the Ex’pression College for Digital Arts with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sound Arts.He moved to Los Angeles to begin his career in sound. After interning at a few recording studios, he joined Audio Head as a production assistant shortly before the formation of Formosa Group. Duncan transitioned to working with Formosa Interactive, where he has been ever since.Duncan has extensive experience managing editorial. He has edited dialog for multiple AAA titles, including Uncharted 4, League of Legends, Skylanders: Imaginators, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. He enjoys being able to help bring such a vital component of the gaming experience to life, and the challenge of making it happen.

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Call of Duty Franchise Manager, Assets & Integration
Uncharted Franchise Manager, Assets & Integration
Halo Wars 2 Manager, Assets & Integration
State of Decay 2 Manager, Assets & Integration
Mass Effect Andromeda Manager, Assets & Integration
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