Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer

Home Town: Delaware, OH
First Concert: Phil Dirt and the Dozers

“I’ve always loved the magic of cinema. As a kid, it was a wonderful thing to leave the theater and feel as though I'd spent the last two hours transported to a different time and place! I still feel that way today, and that’s where my passion for sound starts. I look for the evocative sounds, those special sounds that fit the image and make a scene larger-than-life. Finding the synergy between image and sound is THE ongoing quest for every film I work on. Contributing to those 'movie moments’, and leaving a lasting impression on the audience, is very gratifying.”After graduating with a BA in geology from The College of Wooster in Ohio, Joe decided to pursue his love of cinema and moved west. Earning a MFA in Film Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, he quickly gravitated to sound. A lifelong musician, he has enjoyed a career in post-production sound for the past fifteen years, and joined Formosa Group in the Fall of 2015. Joe creates immersive and visionary soundscapes for feature film projects spanning all genres and sizes, which has earned him multiple Golden Reel Award-nominations. Both he and his son are avid Ohio State Buckeye fans.

Select Credits

Larry Jacob Chase Amblin Partners Supervising Sound Editor
Babysplitters Sam Friedlander Route 66 Films Supervising Sound Editor,Re-Recording Mixer,Sound Designer
Aquaman James Wan Warner Bros Sound Designer,Re-Recording Mixer,Supervising Sound Editor
Bodied Joseph Kahn Adishankardbrand Supervising Sound Editor
The Kissing Booth Vince Marcello Netflix Re-Recording Mixer,Supervising Sound Editor
Select Awards / Nominations

Werewolf: The beast Among Us Golden Reel Nominee

I’ll Sleep When I am Dead Golden Reel Nominee

Fast & Furious 6 Golden Reel Nominee Best Sound Editing - Sound Effects and Foley in a Feature Film

Birdman Golden Reel Nominee Best Sound Editing - Sound Effects and Foley in an English Language Feature

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