Cary Stacy
Supervising Sound Editor

Home Town: Santa Clarita
First Concert: Paul McCartney

“I love finding ways in which subtle shifts in the timing of dialogue or SFX can enhance the emotional effect in both comedic and dramatic moments. Learning the language of a production team and utilizing sound to move the story is the most rewarding aspect of working in audio post.” Los Angeles native Cary Stacy began his career in sound with small sound editing gigs during his time as a film student at UC Santa Cruz. After college, he was a mix assistant and production assistant in the music industry, before transitioning to television. He gained experience in SFX and dialogue editorial before taking on supervising roles at Larson Studios, and has since developed a particular ear for effective dialogue, ADR and Group in television.

Select Credits

Frankie Shaw Showtime Supervising Sound Editor
The Purge
James DeMonaco USA Supervising Sound Editor
I'm Dying Up Here
David Flebotte Showtime Supervising Sound Editor
Louis C.K./Zach Galifianakis FX Supervising Sound Editor
Joel Church-Cooper IFC Supervising Sound Editor
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