It’s always an enlightening, educational and entertaining BEHIND THE LENS when Formosa Group is in the house which is what makes this week’s show so exciting as we welcome Music Editor KEN KARMAN as our guest for the full hour!

So just what does a music editor do? And how integral is a music editor for a film? Take a listen as 38-year veteran Ken Karman (with no signs of stopping), with over 150 films to his credit, talks about working on multiple films with composers Alexandre Desplat and Alan Silvestri and director Robert Zemeckis, the exacting nature of first-time director Ewan McGregor with “American Pastoral”, working on Gene Kelly’s final film – “Xanadu”, the importance and challenges of working with an iconic signature piece of music like the “William Tell Overture” in coordination with the visual editing of a scene, carry-over musical themes within franchises such as “Back to the Future” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” (Ken worked on the first and now the fifth), even the absence of music, fine tuning musical sound, changing technology and approaches to music editing, and more!