Home Town: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
First Concert: Johnny Cash

Dorf is an Emmy-nominated mixer who has collaborated with Academy Award-winning filmmakers including Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone. Following graduation from the University of Miami’s prestigious Music Engineering program, he took a gig at a small audio shop in Atlanta, both mixing and recording a broad scope of projects including radio spots, television spots, records and industrial videos. At POP Sound he racked up over two decades of experience mixing for commercials, television, films and video games. From Super Bowl spots to documentary features, Dorf’s enthusiasm for sound and ability to strike a conversation with anyone has led to a stream of repeat clients eager to leverage his expertise in surround sound. His commercial work was recognized when the Association of Music Producers (AMP) named him the 2002 Mixer of the Year. Since joining Formosa Villa, he has worked on a range of projects including the 2015 Nationwide Super Bowl spot starring Mindy Kaling and Matt Damon.


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